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KreaTech: Unleash Your Creativity

Empowering a new generation of film students

KreaTech is an Erasmus+ funded initiative bridging the gap between behavioural science and creative filmmaking. Our platform, designed for educational purposes, provides students with easy-to-use tools to understand audience reactions and improve storytelling using biometric data.

About KreaTech

Empowering film students with the fusion of creativity and data-driven analysis.

How does audience truly perceive your creative content? Is your storytelling reaching 

reaching your audience as envisioned?

KreaTech is a free-to-use learning platform for film students and educators, teaching the benefits of innovative quality assurance techniques to reveal viewer emotions and engagement.

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The Consortium Behind KreaTech

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KreaTech is made possible by a consortium of industry experts, film professionals, and data analysts. Each member brings their unique expertise to create an innovative learning platform that combines the art of filmmaking with data-driven analysis. With their collective knowledge and experience, they aim to empower European film students with the skills to excel in the ever-evolving media landscape.

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Why Use Biometric Insights?

The Value of Biometric Data in Filmmaking

As a filmmaker, understanding how your audience physically reacts to your creations can significantly enhance your storytelling approach.

Biometric data provides a deeper insight into what audience feel:


  • Objective Insight: biometric data provides objective insight into audience engagement and emotional responses, offering a clear view of effective and ineffective scenes.

  • Creative Precision: with concrete audience data, you can fine-tune your films to evoke specific emotions more effectively, crafting moments that connect with viewers, from suspenseful climaxes to heartfelt resolutions.


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Cinematronic, DK

“KreaTech represents our vision to shape filmmaking by fusing it with biometric insights. It's about creating films that not only tell stories but also resonate deeply on an emotional level."

What is Biometric Data?

Viewer Reactions: Understanding Biometric Data

Biometric data is within all ps us. When engaged, your biometric data may indicate heightened focus, increased heart rate variability, and possibly changes in skin conductance. When bored, biometric data may indicate decreased heart rate, reduced skin conductance, and lower overall physical activity.


Two key types are essential for filmmakers: Electrodermal activity (EDA), also known as GSR, and Heart Rate (HR).


  • EDA measures the electrical conductance of the skin, which increases with emotional arousal due to sweat gland activity.

  • Heart Rate tracks the beats per minute of your heart, which can speed up or slow down based on your emotional state.

Designed with Teachers in Mind

KreaTech for Teachers

Access a powerful, user-friendly tool to enhance your teaching by integrating biometric data into the curriculum.


With KreaTech, creating new, reusable lessons, modules, and courses to share with your students and fellow teachers is easy, even without complex technical skills.

No Technical Skills Required:​

KreaTech is designed to be accessible for all educators, regardless of their technical background, ensuring that you can focus on teaching rather than technology.

Reusable and Shareable Content:​

Develop teaching resources once and use them multiple times. Share resources with colleagues to enhance the collective teaching toolkit.

Modular Lessons and Courses:

Customize your curriculum by creating and updating courses with flexible modules and lessons. Quickly build new courses from existing materials.

Interactive Exercises:

Engage students through interactive exercises and track their progress.

Pioneering Educational Approaches

Be at the forefront of European educational innovation, prepare students for the future of filmmaking.

Interactive Learning:​

Dynamic exercises that mirror real-world challenges, enabling you to apply them in practical scenarios.

Flexible Learning Environment:

Access courses and learn from any device, anywhere, at your own pace.

Industry-Relevant Skills:

Embrace state-of-the-art technologies to stay ahead in the ever-changing media landscape.

Professional Preparation:

Prepare for a career in digital media with skills that employers value, bridging the gap between traditional filmmaking and modern data analytics

Unleash your Creative Potential

KreaTech for Students

Enhance your creativity and art with biometric data in filmmaking.


KreaTech provides resources and interactive exercises to help you master the use of powerful viewer insight in the creative process and for quality assurance in filmmaking. Create the art you always envisioned.


How much does KreaTech Cost?

KreaTech is free and open access!

As an Erasmus + project funded by the European Union, we are creating an open platform for teachers and students, empowering a new generation of filmmakers to gain new insights in the latest technologies.


Quality assurance with biometric data in filmmaking.


For Teachers:

✓     Intuitive Lesson Editor

✓     Share & Reuse Material

✓     Create Interactive & Engaging Exercises

✓     Lesson Efficiency Analytics

✓     Engagement Boost

For Students:

✓     Engage with Interactive Learning Tools

✓     Enhance Storytelling Abilities

✓     Future-Proof Skills

✓     Real-World Audience Insights Tools

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KreaTech is on the way!

Access for KreaTech are not open yet, but don't worry, we will notify you!

Whether a student or a teacher, subscribe to our newsletter and be one of the first to gain access to the free platform!

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