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Unlock the Emotional Power of Your Content!

We help media creators connect deeper with their audience.

Cinematronic develops user insight software tools which allow you to fine-tune your creative vision, ensuring audience connection and box office success. 

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Cinemetrics: a software tool to visualise viewers' emotional response.   


Like a lie detector to reveal the viewer's true film experience.

We use biometric data to detect the true emotional impact of the media, enabling content creators to gain undeniable insight into how the viewers responds to their content.

Case studies

Our software tool has proven effective across various use cases, consistently meeting and exceeding expectations. It's been a key driver of success in diverse scenarios.

The National Film School Of Denmark

Graduating students' final six thesis films of Summer 2023 were evaluated through Cinemetrics Pro.


Nordland '99
A series by DR P3

User insights gained through Cinemetrics Pro gave significant increase in engagement and want-to-watch among the target audience.

Products and Services



Our desktop software, available via license, empowers you to design your own in-depth studies,  with data registration, built-in questionnaire, and advanced visualisation tools.

Full Service 


Obtain a comprehensive evaluation while we handle the heavy lifting for you. We meticulously manage testing and evaluation, while you get a detailed report about the performance of your content with your target group. ​


Contact Us

Reach out to us today for a constructive dialogue, early access discounts and free trials.

I you are an educational institution, we also offer free student licenses.  


+45 71 11 49 50


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