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Reach a larger audience
with emotional insights

New application of neuromarketing tools

Building emotion in media is 

Great story comes from hard work, and vision!

How do you make sure that your passion is resonating with your audience?

We suggest using measurable insights into viewers’ emotional media experiences to ensure that your passion is resonating with your target audience

Is your work love at first sight?

Trailers are the most important aspect of film marketing, where well produced trailers can make or brake success.

How can you make sure that your trailer draws the attention your art deserves?

By continued testing of your material within the creative production process, you will be able to ensure reaching the intended reaction from the target audience during specific scenes or moments within your production

With bio-sensors you can read the audience
invisible emotional language

We have developed a scientific method to dig deeper into the audience emotional state, giving them a way to unconsciously answer more precise and truthfully - all done automatically through software and sensors.

Biometric sensors; such as GSR have been used in Psychology and usability labs for years to gage the emotional states of viewers.

Cinematronic has adapted this technology specifically within the creative filmmaking process that allows filmmakers to harness the power of audience emotional insight to perfect their art and craft the most engaging viewing experience possible

Get all you can from the 
art you make

Reach a deeper level of user insights, through a deeper dive into the users way of expression

Make the most of what you have with emotional based user-test.

You can control the perceived emotional core, and save your work from failure.

Gain valuable user insights, and use the insight to improve your existing work.


Reach a deeper level in your viewers emotional language

Take a deeper dive into your audience
Invisible emotional body language


We have developed a scientific method to dig deeper into the audience emotional state, giving them a way to unconsciously answer more precise and truthfully - all done automatically through software and sensors.

Unspoken reactions to stimuli

With Bio-sensors we can detect reactions in the audience previously undiscovered. 

As shown in the figure, there may be emotional responses in the test person, even though they do not - or can - not verbally explain their emotional reaction

new Unspoken Storyboard 1_1_4x.png

Unclear reactions to stimuli

The viewer can have a hard time explaining their emotions verbally.

Test-persons may be inclined to be polite, or may find the material confusing, resulting in incorrect verbal explanations.

With bio-sensors we are able to create a larger picture leading to a better understanding of their emotional reaction to media - and lack thereof.

new Unlear Storyboard 1_4x.png

Benefits from emotion based

A case study were conducted featuring our emotion based user-test in collaboration with

DR (The Danish Broadcast Corporation) and Trailerhouse, who iterated and reworked the trailer for a teen series.

From the resulting case study many positive benefits was discovered.

Below are some of the positive effects the emotion based user-test had on the series.

Social Media Engagement

SOME engagement is evaluated from different criteria.

How long does the user stay at the media, and what is its CTR (click through rate).


The impact indicates the emotional impact the media has on the viewer

We measure emotional

impact by comparing the

amplitude of GSR

(galvanic skin reaction). 


A way to measure how many respondents were motivated to seek out and consume media, following exposure from



How many different elements does the viewer recognize and remember from the media? 

We measure this by comparing how many points the viewer remembers from interviews.


Case Study:
Nordland '99

Through a case study in cooperation 

with and DR
(The Danish Broadcast Corporation)

Nordland '99 was improved through the evaluation process

The case study highlights the positive effects it has on its viewers.​

new Social Media Activity_1_4x.png

Read more about the Case Study
by clicking below

Quotes from Collaborators

Mette Stuhr

DR Marketing

"I was impressed to see the impact of including

biometric-based user insights into the creative production process, resulting in one of the best-performing trailers I have seen."

I firmly believe this approach raises the quality of the user experience and enables marketing material to increase the conversion rate amongst the target audience."

Mette Stuhr has 18 years of experience in the media industry and is currently the Marketing Manager at the Danish National Broadcasting Corporation.


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