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Gain insight into your viewers' emotional experience.

We offer user insight tools allowing you to ensure audience satisfaction and box office success! 

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The Insight Tool

A software to visualise viewers' emotional responses.

The User Insight Tool provides a direct feedback loop, revealing what resonates with your audience and where to fine-tune.

image showcasing the software analysis tool, which register and visualise GSR, PPG, heart rate, and eye tracking in a mockup

Like a lie detector to reveal the viewer's true film experience.

The User Insight Tool is a simple and accessible way to conduct behavioral research that can greatly enhance content creation.

Our tool uses biometric data to accurately capture the true emotional impact of media, providing valuable insights to content creators, including filmmakers and marketing professionals. 

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Case studies

Our software tool has proven effective across various use cases, consistently meeting and exceeding expectations. It's been a key driver of success in diverse scenarios.

Nordland '99
A series by DR P3

User insights gained through Cinemetrics Pro gave significant increase in engagement and want-to-watch among the target audience.

Main characters of the Nordland-99 TV show, featured in our case study analysis of their trailer using our proprietary User Insight tool.

Products and Services


image showcasing the software analysis tool, which register and visualise GSR, PPG, heart rate, and eye tracking

Our desktop software, available via license, empowers you to design your own in-depth studies,  with data registration, built-in questionnaire, and advanced visualisation tools.

Full Service 

showcasing consultancy and software in a case study

We manage the intricacies of testing and analysis for you, providing a comprehensive report on how your content performs with target audiences, so you can focus on what you do best: creating engaging content.


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