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Use technology as a creative tool. 

We enable you to make decisions based on users’ measurable emotional reactions!

Our mission is to make neuromarketing technology, currently only used by lead scientists and the world’s largest organisations, available and affordable to all.  

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Reach your full potential

We helped the National Danish Broadcast Corporation (DR) significantly increase the user experience of the trailer to the TV show: Nordland 99: Making it one of the most powerful trailers they ever distributed (4th best performing on social media ever). 

All:  32 %
+ 62 %
Women:  15 %
+ 290%
Recall: 32 events
+ 60%
SoMe Activity on DR
+ 380 %
All:  + 52 %
Women: 60 %
Recall: 56 events
Some Activity on DR

A DR producer made the best possible version of the trailer (within normal restraints).

We tested the trailer on 30 viewers and gained insights into their emotional experiences.

A new updated version of the trailer was made based on the learnings from the test.

The updated trailer was tested on 30 new respondents (within the same target group).

A final trailer, with minor finishing touches, was released on social media. 

*Results from a project with The Danish Broadcast Corporation

hidden in plain


Test, code and evaluate undeniable facts with bio-sensors.

Dig deep into the human biological responses, emotional reactions, and discover previously hidden realizations about the stimuli you are crafting and the reaction in respondents that you seek

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Extra ordinary emotional insight
with Cinemetrics

Biological responses are a mirror to our emotional state.

Why not use these reactions to explain the respondents subjective opinion of media?

With Cinemetrics you can take a deeper dive into your viewers emotions when viewing media content.

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Hands on experience

Case Studies

We have used our software in many different cases - all yielding good results.

Click below to read more about the case studies, and the highlight from these

Collaborating with:

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The National Film School Of Denmark

6 final thesis films from graduating students from the school, had their trailers evaluated through the software.


Nordland '99
A series by DR

An iterative project in which the promotional trailer for the series saw 3 iterations, made from findings from the software.



Our B2B Software suit combines many different

QA-evaluation tools, and grants you the possibility of reaching the end-user on a deeper level. 



Get evaluating but let us do the work for you. 

We take care of testing and evaluation on a case-to-case basis.

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We offer our software in a case-to-case solution.

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