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Adaptive Media

Cinematronic proudly presents the Adaptive Media System, capable of moderating & individualising entertainment experiences to fit the viewers emotional needs.

How it works:

1. Adaptive Media

Content is displayed via the adaptive media player.

4. Analysis

Media is modified based on viewer response  VS  intended experience design.

Inforgraphic describing how Cinematronic's Adaptive Media System works in proactive, as a form of circular and perpetual user journey map. First, we have the Adaptive Media, then, a viewer who's psychophysical response to a stimuli is registered using a biosensor. The biosensor interacts with the analysis software automatically, which establishes the arousal level and adapts the media accordingly to the individualised user needs.

2. Viewer

A psychophysical response to stimuli is triggered.

3. Biosensor

Biometric signals are captured via body sensors and relayed to analysis.

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