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We are Cinematronic

Cinematronic, an innovative startup established in 2021 in Aalborg, embarked on its journey to create a cutting-edge bio-sensor quality assurance solution following its inception at Aalborg University.


This visionary concept initially took shape as the culmination of a project known as "Interactive Digital Film" for a final thesis, and it has steadily evolved ever since. Cinematornic has been granted the Novi Scholarship and the AAU Startup Grant for innovation and entrepreneurship in Denmark.


Today, Cinematronic takes great pride in introducing a comprehensive software solution meticulously crafted to evaluate and analyse media content via bio-sensors, adeptly capturing and gauging the emotions and sentiments of viewers while also advancing the frontiers of interactive adaptive media.

Partners, Projects & Collaborations

Cinematronic's partners, including Nordisk Film, Danmarks Radio DR, SF Studios, Danske Reklame Film Egmont, Brain Signs La Sapienza, Super 8 film school, Super 16 film school, The Danish Film School, The Norwegian Film School, The Danish Film Institute, And Erhvervshus Nordjylland
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