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unleash your creativity

Empowering Your Artistic Vision with Viewer's Emotional Insights

An in-depth dive into the viewer's emotions

delve into the mind of your audience's reactions, providing a unique perspective that empowers your creative vision.

Streamline Data Collection with Our Built-In Questionnaire Maker

The built-in questionnaire streamlines the process of collecting data from respondents, saving time and effort. With a user-friendly interface for creating and administering surveys, ensuring efficient data collection has never been easier

Screenshot of the questionnaire maker section in the Cinemetrics Pro software, a tool for efficient data collection.
Screenshot of the Cinemetrics Pro interface demonstrating the eye-tracking feature using any webcam.

Capture Viewer Focus with Webcam Eye Tracking

Content creators can use the built-in webcam eye tracker to identify important areas, scenes, and characters in their content.

When combined with the GSR (Galvanic Skin Response) and Heart Rate sensor, this technology provides unprecedented insights into users' emotions and reactions.

Detailed graph in Cinemetrics Pro showcasing biometric data analysis using Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) and Heart Rate (HR) sensors for in-depth emotional insights.

Reveal Emotional Responses with Biometric Data Analysis

Biometric data analysis using GSR and Heart Rate sensors provides unprecedented insights into users' physiological responses.

This allows content producers to understand the emotional and physical reactions of their viewers, helping them create the experience they wish, whether it is a highly engaging action film, an educational documentary, or any content imaginable.

Identify  with Color-Coded Annotations

Cinemetrics Pro streamlines the process of annotating and categorizing your media, enabling content creators to effortlessly spotlight captivating scenes or areas needing refinement.


Annotations pop up straight away on the biometric graph, speeding up the review process

Image of the global comments tab in Cinemetrics Pro, a feature for annotating and categorizing media content.
Scene from 'Nordland 99' film, a case study demonstrating Cinemetrics Pro's application in enhancing visual storytelling and viewer engagement.

Unleash your creativity with     Cinemetrics Pro

your co-pilot in the world of visual storytelling

Be it movies, TV shows, commercials, or interactive media, Cinemetrics is more than a tool - it's an essential guide that enhances your creative vision, allowing your creativity to shine brighter than ever before.


Test screenings

By tapping into the power of biometric data, Cinemetrics provides the insights you need to enhance the composition, casting, and formatting of your movies, TV shows, or web series, unleashing your creativity more than ever before.

Hands on experience

case studies

Our software has proven its effectiveness across a broad range of use cases, consistently meeting and exceeding expectations. It's been a key driver of success in diverse scenarios.

Collaborating with:

Snapshot from the Norwegian Offspring case study at Cannes Film Festival, highlighting the role of Cinemetrics Pro in delivering successful film trailers.

Norwegian Offspring

See how Cinemetrics aided Norwegian Offspring to deliver the perfect trailer at the Cannes Film Festival

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Key Features

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Installation and Setup

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Troubleshooting and Support

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