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A series by DR
(The Danish Broadcast Corporation)
The case study was performed on a new crime series aimed towards young adult and teens, in collaboration with Trailerhouse and DR.
The trailer for the series was evaluated during production, which resulted in 3 iterations of the trailer.
Below are the three trailers, with the software evaluation overlayed on top of the first two test trailers. 
Case Study:
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First Iteration
Findings from first iteration
Viewers reported that the series was to “spooky”, with too many horror elements. The series itself focused on crime and drama elements.

The shot between the father and son was found confusing by the test viewers. It was identified that this problem was worsened by not building their relationship properly throughout the trailer.
In the last part of the trailer, many characters were introduced. The rise in the viewer’s arousal curve can be explained by increased stimuli quantity via faster-cutting paste and intensified sound design. The viewer impact resulting in the biometric measurements can in this case be seen as saturated stimuli.
Some characters were cut from the trailer, while some were more deeply defined.
The yelling scene was not understood by the audience,
hence the empty GSR-reaction.

Second Iteration

The sudden change of scenery and color did not respond in a satisfying GSR-reaction

Findings from second iteration

Most of the findings from the first iteration are now solved. The viewers identified the trailer as less spooky, more coherent understanding of the
father-son relationship, and the characters makes more sense to the viewers.
The GSR-curve sees more movement. It moves in a larger amplitude, which is what we associate with higher levels of excitement. The GSR amplitude is 123 % higher in the second iteration rather than the first iteration.
The first iteration highlighted narrative obstacles and presented a setting and genre which was not ideal in regard to the series.
The second iteration showed smaller obstacles, and highlighted problems with fewer shots. This was on a more detailed oriented.

Final Cut:

Highlights from the study

Female Presentation

From the first iteration, female excitement was measurably lower than that of male viewers. This was addressed in the later trailers

Confusing elements

Some shots was found to be confusing to the viewers, and was measurable in the test


The test participants was able to clearly recall the actor, and a measurarble reaction was visible.

Audience Disappointment

Certain shots were leading away from action and intrigue, thus creating a measurable response

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