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Henrik Lundum

Current CEO //



Previous CEO //


Member of the Board //

Novi Science   I   Investo Capital



HealthCare Danmark   I   Nordic Camp Supply   I   

Erhverv Norddanmark   I   Formue Nord    I   VentriJect   I   Nordjysk Universitetsfond   I   Stylepit   I   RobLight

Henrik Lundum has extensive experience from both CEO positions and Board positions.

"I feel confident that Cinematronic has great potential, which now needs to be brought into life. I am both glad and proud to hand over the NOVI Scholarship 2022 to Cinematronic. The solution is a scientific approach to a currently known problem. It will be scalable to the whole world and is also applicable to a wider area of usage over time."

Ulrik Bülow

Previous CEO //


Member of the Board //

 Egmont Books   I   Sonofon (Telenor)   I   Matas   I   Visit Denmark

Egmont   I   Synoptic   I   Falck Healthcare   I  Dansk Erhverv   Toms Group   I   Oreco   I  Widex   I   Gigtforeningen

With a plethora of successful business ventures under his wings, Ulrik Bülow is a business venture expert, who we are proud to present as one of our advisors.

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